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Welcome to SABA 2020!  Click to kick off another season of fun, family, friends, and spectacular youth baseball! 

Save the Dates:
*Sunday, January 26, 2020 - Assessment Day
*Sunday March 22, 2020 - Opening Day

MINORS Kid Pitch

Typically 9-10 yrs old, 3rd-4th grade

Minors is an introduction to competitive baseball but the emphasis is on instruction.

  • Kid pitch
  • Each player bats at all times
  • Field Dimensions 60' bases and 46' pitching distance from mound to home
  • Players pitch and balls and strikes are called
  • No leads off the bases but can steal a base after the pitch passes home plate (no stealing home)
  • 2 games per week ALL played at Memorial (typically 1 game either Tues/Wed/Fri and 1 game Sun)

Questions about your young player’s appropriateness to this group? Just Ask! SABA Placement Inquiry


Typically 11-12 yrs old, 5th-6th grade

Majors is a continuation of the instruction of the fundamentals of baseball evolved toward the baseball format where full Major League Baseball rules are followed, such as lead offs and stealing. 

  • Field Dimensions- 70' bases and 50' pitching distance from pitching mound to home
  • Every players is batting the line up at all times
  • MLB rules are followed!
  • Players can take leads and steal all bases including home!
  • Umps call balks
  • 2 games per week ALL played at Memorial (typically 1 game either Tues/Wed/Fri and 1 game Sun)

If in doubt about whether your player is ready for Majors or should be moving on to Juniors? SABA Placement Inquiry


Typically 13-14 yrs old, 7th-8th grade

Juniors is a competitive baseball division which continues to emphasize the fundamentals of the game.

  • Field Dimensions 80' bases and 54' pitching distance from mound to home. Some games played 60'x90'
  • MLB rules are followed
  • Memorial Park and Red Hill Park are our home fields. Week night game either Tues/Wed/Fri. Sunday games played at Red Hill Park or neighboring communities (San Rafael, Dixie, Fairfax). Occasional Saturday game.

Minimum playing requirements are strictly adhered. Playing time equity should be favorably balanced over competitive desires. Every player is in the batting line up at all times. Players will focus on a primary and secondary field position.


The San Anselmo Baseball Association (SABA) is an independent and entirely community-based baseball league free from the constraints and pressures other programs may face.

We welcome kids from all areas.

Practices and games are held locally in San Anselmo primarily at Memorial Park and Redhill Field. 

Community spirit with a parent volunteer run snack shack, Sunday BBQ's and many SABA siblings from San Anselmo Rec Bambinos, Rookies and softball all playing on the same fields. 

We emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, best effort, and (of course) outstanding baseball fundamentals and technique.

We provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, and we believe SABA is unique in its player/parental/community-centric approach to the game.  We want young players to love baseball, and want their parents to love watching them have fun and excel at the game.

Want to Learn More about SABA?

SABA President: Rich Friedman  

Email Rich:

Tee Ball? Rookies? Softball?

SABA also collaborates with San Anselmo Recreation & Girls Softball for a full range of instructional, fun options for boys and girls from preschool into high school.

  • Girls Softball - 5-15 yrs
  • Bambino -  Tee Ball
  • Farm Club - Tee Ball
  • Rookies - Coach Pitch 

Click here for more info about San Anselmo Youth Sports